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We generate a lot of food waste every day. So how could we deal with this food waste instead of throwing it into the trash bin and giving them a second life? Christimos is a bracelet made of food waste from eggshells and orange peels.

Project time:Spring 2022

Category: Sustainable Jewelry 

Asset 1.png
Concept & Inspiration

The inspiration comes from church windows which are combined with fragments in different colors.

The eggshell also has positive and negative colors for the inner and outer which has a possibility to give the same feeling. 

Asset 2.png



Christimos with two smaller simple braclet.


The right side of the eggshell pattern.


The left side of the eggshell pattern.


"Christimos" comes from "Christian" and "mosaic".


The whole bracelet and jewelry plate are made of orange peels.

Story behind Christimos

Orange Peels Bracelet Base Making Process

Eggshell Drawing Making Process

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