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If Liquid Speaks is a lighting series that can be emotional and thoughtful. Employing glass and porcelain, we wish to transmit

our view of life from the inside to the outer.

Project time: Fall 2022

Category: Pendant Light Series

Team member

Design  I  Photo  I  Video - Jenny Chen (ArtCenter College of Design)

Craft  I  Photo - Siyao Chen (Tama Art University)

If Liquid Speaks


截屏2023-01-19 18.00.54.png

It could


The origins of our design journey can be traced back to a visit to Ryoanji Temple, where we encountered a kettle that produced a beautiful, euphonious sound when filled with water. It was this emotional experience that first inspired us to contemplate the idea of liquid "speaking" - a concept that has since become a driving force in our work.

截屏2023-01-19 18.01_edited.jpg

We started the concept with reflection. We did a lot of tests which will be explained deeper later.

Making process.


The series “If liquid speaks” aims to express the tear moment of emotion. 

When all emotion comes together, It is us, everyone, unique and alive. 

Lights travel between the porcelain and project the feeling to the environment. So that we could hear from liquid, feeling cured and relaxed.


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截屏2023-01-19 18.02.24.png

We first put the epoxy resin on the ceramic surface and surprisingly found a fantastic reflection effect within the ceramic and clear epoxy layer.

Then we test with the actual glaze and glass to achieve different reflection and refraction effects.

Glaze before kiln fire.

Glossy glaze after kiln fire.

Put the broken glass piece on ceramic.

We did tests on different kinds of ceramics with light. We finally discovered that porcelain is the ideal material.


Terracotta Clay

Black Clay

Porcelain is a material that lets the light goes through. When the light turns on, we light ourselves in different shapes with sadness, peace, or happiness.

We test forms with cardboard to see how structure influences light and shadow.

We tried to light on textured surfaces and found beautiful lighting & shadow with textures & patterns. Porcelain also has a unique personality.

Arrow Heart_Ink.png

Glass perfectly express the emotion of a tear. With light turns on, it gives the illusion of change and shapes.