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AMASS · Table is more like a tear holder.

Materials: Porcelain, Glass


拾集 · テーブルランプ


This is someone who will accept your feelings most gently.


It will hold the tear from AMASS Pendant like someone who will always be there and accept all your feelings, softly and nicely.


Our emotions might leave traces and scratches.


But someone is still there with peace and love.


Glass represents tears that are held by AMASS · TABLE and project emotions on the surface.


Emotion is capriccioso and changeable.


拾集 · テーブルランプ


This is a five parts mold we made for slip casting. The porcelain slip would be poured from the bottom.

Tech Drawing-05_edited.jpg

We wish that AMASS · Table could be important in a personal space. It is about 170 by 180 millimeters big.

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