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Wither Bloom

Wither Bloom is a sculptural lamp. It glows in the dark, bringing colors. It calms the user down when feeling anxious.

Project Time: Spring 2022
Category: Decorative Table Light

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Wither Bloom.jpg

The inspiration comes from the withering motion of the flower. Growth, bloom, and withering are all key moments of a flower’s lifeline.

The flower "withers," and the petal "drops." The light turns on.

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Flower Petals:
fabric petals, epoxy, rainbow film, glass fiber, napkin

Flower Base: 
calcium sulfate hemihydrate (3D powder print)

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Color variation testing.

Connection testing: all circuits go through inside.

Assembly: install flowers on the base.

Wither Bloom

Wither Bloom Video
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Stories behind Wither Bloom.

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